Easy home plumbing troubleshooting & maintenance tips

Easy home plumbing troubleshooting & maintenance tips

Best Water Heater Maintenance Practice

On April 27, 2018
Your hot showers, fresh laundry and clean dishes on your water heater, this means there will be tough consequences in case it brakes down.
Not only regular water heater maintenance will prevent you sudden breakdowns, but could also extend its lifespan! Read More

Troubleshooting Steps For Gas Water Heater Not Providing Hot Water

On Mar 30, 2018
When a gas water heater doesn’t provide enough hot water, try the troubleshooting steps recommended in this video.
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How To Troubleshoot A Gas Water Heater That Doesn’t Heat

On Feb 26, 2018
If a gas water heater fails to heat water at all, perform these diagnostics recommended in this video. Watch Now

How To Troubleshoot And Repair Frozen Pipes

On Jan 29, 2018
Frozen pipes is a common issue homeowners experience during cold winters.
Taking care of a frozen water supply pipe immediately, will avoid pipe bursting and the water damage to your home…. Read More

How To Shut Off Water Supply To Your Property

On Dec 28, 2017
Water supply system leaks and plumbing fixtures repair require water to be shut off.
Doing this at the valve that’s closest to the problem is best…. Read More

How To Snake A Clogged Drain

On Mar 28, 2017
Watch the following video to see how to perform a snake on a clogged drain…Watch Now

Troubleshooting slow shower flow

On Mar 01, 2017
This video shows how to troubleshoot reduced shower water flow.
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Troubleshooting & Repairing A Jammed Garbage Disposal

On Jan 25, 2017
A jammed garbage disposal is high on the list of common plumbing problems.
Many people loose the nifty key that comes with the garbage disposal to help unjam it.

  • At the very bottom of the disposal there is an opening to insert the key.

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How to troubleshoot a backed-up toilet

On Dec 13, 2016
Backed-up toilets are a fairly common problem in many homes. If flush water rises to the rim and then drains slowly, the toilet trap or drain is definetly blocked. Unblocking it is easy, and only… Read More

How troubleshoot a running toilet

On Oct 28, 2016
There are many causes to a running toilet, most of them are due to a worn out or a broken part of the toilet mechanisme.

So 1st, you need to identify which of the parts is causing the problem, then replace it. Read More

Troubleshooting a clogged sink

On Oct 28, 2016
1st get the following tools, to use: an adjustment arm and a drain plug

Then try the following steps:

  • take the spring tab off the drain plug adjustment arm .

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Troubleshooting low water pressure faucet

On Oct 28, 2016
If you’re having trouble with low water pressure it is usually at the sink faucet level.

  • Check to see if the low water pressure is affecting hot and cold water.
  • If low pressure is affecting both hot & cold water then most likely aerator is the cause.

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