How To Troubleshoot And Repair Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes is a common issue homeowners experience during cold winters.
Taking care of a frozen water supply pipe immediately, will avoid pipe bursting and the water damage to your home.
The biggest indicator to a frozen pipe is the absence of water when faucet is on.

To unfreeze a pipe

  • 1st Find the Frozen Pipe, mainly in areas of your home that are exposed to cold air.
  • Once found, open the faucet connected to it.
  • Find the blocked area, identified by frost or where it feels colder.
  • Next, warm up the pipe – without using open flames, such; propane torches candles, or the alike, to avoid fire risk.
  • Turn up your heat, and open any sink cabinets with pipes beneath them so the warm air circulates around pipes.
  • Use a handheld hair dryer back and forth along the pipe evenly.
  • You can also place a space heater nearby. Keep away from wall materials to prevent fire.
  • You could also wrap some heat tape around the pipe evenly and plug it in.
  • Apply heat until the water flow is restored.

If your water supply pipe bursts, turn off the building’s water valve immediately to limit water damage. Call an All Week certified plumber to fix the pipe and provide professional water damage cleanup. 888-333-2422