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Whenever you travel to the United States, have you ever noticed how your skin and your hair feel once you come out of a shower? It depends upon one country to another. And you might just have to use an additional cleanser rather than the one that you normally use. This is because of high mineral content present in hard water. The hard water is found in the South West region including Southern California.

What do we mean by hard water? It means the water is having high content of magnesium and calcium in it which makes the water hard. Normal water becomes harder when the quantity of magnesium and calcium increases.

Hard water is not risky for your health but definitely it has got various other side effects such as scaling. Scaling is the residual mineral deposits which form when the hard water evaporates. The scaling is commonly known as limescale. Limescale if not removed immediately can ruin your water heaters, clog pipes, yield mineral buildup etc. When hard water is used for industrial purpose, it can create a breakdown of cooling towers, boilers and all other units which use the hard water for its functioning which can be a very costly process when it comes to repairing and servicing expenses of these machineries. Below we have provided some more problems that can be caused due to hard water.

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  1. Hard water can affect our clothes and continuous laundry in such water will reduce the life of our clothes by almost 40%.
  2. While having a bath with hard water, the soap will leave a sticky curd on our skin which will prevent eliminating bacteria from our body.
  3. When we use hard water for washing dish in a dishwasher, it can leave permanent white spots on the utensils.
  4. The pipes through which the hard water passes in our homes will eventually get clogged and the flow of water will tend to reduce which will mean replacing the pipe line and tap in the future which can again be a costly process.

Water conditioners have been found to be a great solution which helps in reducing the hard water level and releases out only fresh water suitable for safe household usage. Conditioned water suspends calcium ions in the water. In addition to it, water conditioners help the calcium remain in the water which can be considered as a great dietary mineral. Water conditioners also help in protecting ROS (Reverse Osmosis System), eliminate any harmful hard water effects.

So what is the best option to reduce the level of hard water in our homes or offices? Well, the best option is to try a water conditioner which is not only environmentally friendly but also very cheap. To know more about water conditioners call us for a free consultation. All Week work round the clock only so in case you need water conditioner repair or service, we’re only a call away. Water filtration and purification need to be done after water conditioning for making the water safe to drink