Water heater repair service & installations in Ocean Township NJ

For maintenance & replacement of your water heater, call on All Week Water Heater experts.

The life expectancy of water heaters are between 12 to 20 years. No matter the type of heater you choose, either solar, tank-less, gas heater, it’s expected to have a minimum of 10 years. Other factors like brand, model and a scheduled regular maintenance plan could also make the heater last up to 20 years. This shows that a water heater can last up to one-quarter of a lifetime.
A quality water heater installation, up to date repairs and a better replacement when due, you will be able to lower your energy bills and help your heater last. With regular maintenance, your heater will be in a great working condition without having to do repairs and replacements. The recommendation is that every installed water heater must have a yearly maintenance plan in order to maintain its efficiency and durability for it’s lifetime. You can contact us to maintain your water heater. Our services are available 24/7 all week and weekends. We also do the following:
● Irregular flow of hot water
● Insufficient hot water
● Unstable water temperature

Water heater replacement & maintenance in Ocean Township NJ

Whatever problems your heater may be facing, we are up to the task. Our services cover everything relating to installations, repairs and maintenance of all heaters. Our team of skilled professionals can work on all types and brands of heaters no matter the age of the appliance.
The following are the common problems associated with water heaters:
● Leaking water tank
● Failure to heat water when switched
● Getting warm water instead of hot water.
The most common type of heaters are the tankless heaters as they are more convenient to use due to its size. They can be installed for use anywhere like bathrooms, kitchens, schools and offices. It is energy efficient as it does not heat water unnecessarily. At All Week Plumbing, we ensure that our client’s get value for their money. To maintain your heater, contact us to select the option that’s best for you. Our plumbers are always ready to respond to your calls and requests.

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