Solar Water Heaters Installation And Repair Service NJ

Solar Water Heaters Repair, Installation And Service NJ

Among the common several use of solar power electricity nw a days is that solar powering water heaters. It is free a free and efficient power source that can be power up your water heater every season.

Solar powered water heaters feature two main parts, consisting of an insulated storage tanks and solar collectors. This system can be installed anywhere roof to the yard as long as solar energy reaches the solar collectors. Active water heaters distribute water by the use of a pump while passive models use the force of gravity.

The types of active solar water heating systems available

Direct circulation systems

This type uses a water pump to circulate water through the solar collectors where it gets heated and directed to a storage pump, and it is reliable in areas with no extreme cold.

Passive solar water heating systems

These are much less expensive and comes in two variations.The first one is:

The Integral collector-storage systems:

The mechanism here is that water is collected in storage tanks fitted with solar collectors. These collectors then heat the water which then flows to homes via gravity which means that the storage tanks are raised somewhere to enable the water flow swiftly.

The Thermosyphon systems:

The solar collectors here are installed in such a way that they heat water from below. This results in the heated water to rise above the cold water and flow directly to connected homes.

Solar Water Heater Installation

This is not an easy task that you can perform by yourself. This is why it is only done by a professional who has the skills, tools, equipment and appropriate training to assemble all the complex parts. This is why our firm has qualified professionals who can perform excellent solar water heater installations and ensure you have a continuous flow of hot water.

Solar Water Heater Repairs

Solar water heater systems are reliable, but problems are inevitable and might occur rarely. It is recommendable if you have a repair plan just in case you experience a failure. The best thing to perform regularly is the frequent maintenance of several moving parts so that your system maintains reliable performance.

Solar Water Heater Maintenance

It is advisable if you call a specialist to perform routine maintenance every 3 to 5 years and your system may last up to 15 years without glitches. You also need to be doing upkeep and inspections so that you can call a professional whenever you detect some problem.

Keep collectors clean

You need to clean collectors to remove dust and soil, regularly check the between the tank and the pipes. Make sure all the nuts bolts are tight and that there is no damaged insulation covering pipes, wiring, and ducts and ensure that all the pumps are functioning appropriately in active systems.

Finally, all these types of water heaters are perfect, you only need to reflect on your needs, commitment and also your budget to determine the right system fits your needs. The good thing is that every homeowner can find the best water heater system that suits their requirements.