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Plumber repair Fair Lawn NJ All Week Plumbing of Fair Lawn, NJ, is a full-service plumbing company for all you residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing needs. We perform bathroom repair, kitchen repair, water heater servicing, and emergency services throughout New Jersey. We’ll be there for you 24/7 with a live person to take your call. Whether you’re having problems with a septic tank or sewer line, need tree root removal or hydro-scrub services, feel like tearing up your outdated shower and replacing it with something more modern, or just have a pesky drain in need of cleaning; we’re ready and available to work for you. We also offer preventative maintenance inspections to keep you up to date on your plumbing’s infrastructure. This can be especially helpful if you have an older home as plumbing can vary and replacement may be necessary. We use high-tech video inspection equipment to safely and effectively examine your pipes to ensure we give you the best and fullest service possible.

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As a locally-owned, family company, we understand that peace of mind is important to you. No matter the make or model, fitting or fixture, we have the expertise to keep your home safe and your pipes flowing. We can install sump pumps and ejectors to keep your basements dry. We repair gas and water lines to help protect your property from danger. We install water filtration systems so you always has a fresh, clean supply of water for your family; and water softeners to keep your family’s skin, clothes, and dishes spotless. And we can keep your water heater running flawlessly, providing the comfort and ease of living you enjoy. We even offer installation of tankless water heaters which can last longer and significantly cut down on your energy bills. Whatever you need, just make the call. Throughout Fair Lawn, NJ, we’re standing by to give you the best service and the immediate response you expect from All Week Plumbing.

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