Frozen Pipes Are A Common Problem In Many Households Every Winter

During the cold winter months, many homeowners usually confront a very common plumbing problem which happens to be frozen pipes. As a matter of fact, there is a possibility for these frozen water supply pipes to explode if we do not solve the problem instantaneously.

Moreover, extensive damage can also be caused by these pipes to your properties. But the question that arises here is that how to understand that a pipe is frozen. Fortunately, there is a surefire indication which will help you to understand the problem; if nothing comes out from your faucet when it is turned on then it should be apparent to you that the pipe is indeed frozen. It is advisable to start solving this problem in case you experience this type of issue. Below we have mentioned several effective ways to unfreeze a pipe properly:

Locating the Frozen Pipe

Although it may seem to you that the job of finding a frozen pipe is quite simple, it is not the fact particularly if you reside in a big house. It will be advisable to verify the most obvious areas, for example, the uninsulated walls and the attics or even in your basement where these pipes are always exposed to cold conditions. Do not make any delay to take prompt action once an issue is found. Start by opening the faucet which is connected to the pipe, and also try to look at the exact area where it has become clogged. Although, it might be frozen externally, in most cases it appears just like any other pipe out there.

Making the Pipe Unfrozen

Following this, it is advisable to apply some heat on the frozen pipe; however, you should not apply any open flames! In fact, it is extremely risky to make use of open flames, for example, propane torches candles. Although some people are known to turn up a thermostat, it is obviously not the only solution since the results will take a lot of time to show up. Make it a point to turn up the heat, and also open the sink cabinets with the pipes underneath them to enable the warm air to circulate freely all around the pipes. Nevertheless, it will be a smart idea to employ a handheld hair dryer to and apply hot air along that pipe. Try to ensure that this is done evenly since otherwise, there is a possibility for the pipe to burst. A space heater can also be positioned nearby; however, take care to place it at least a couple of feet away from the wall materials so that it does not catch fire.

Another solution would be to buy some heat tape, also referred to as heat cable from a hardware outlet in your locality. The pipe has to be wrapped around evenly and then plugged in. The pipe is going to be warmed up by the cable, and thus the frozen ice will be thawed. Go on applying the heat till the water begins to flow smoothly; however, take adequate care while using the heat tape. In fact, several property owners are known to leave on these pipes through the year, thus enhancing the possibility of a fire.

Do not hesitate to come in touch with your Roto-Rooter plumbing expert in case you do experience any problem while unfreezing a pipe. Roto-Rooter happens to be a reputed company which has got top-quality equipment for thawing, thus helping you to get the job done easily.

What measures should be taken in case the pipe explodes?

The water valves of the building must be turned off immediately in case the water supply pipe does explode. Also, do not give any second thoughts to contact Roto-Rooter whenever you like to provide you with top-quality services.