Heat Pump Water Heater Buyer’s Guide

A heat pump water heater draws heat from the air and transfers it to water enclosed in a tank. It uses a compressor, much like in the mechanism used by a refrigerator, only that in a heat pump water heater, heat transfer is in the opposite direction.

During days when it’s too cold and the surrounding air won’t provide enough heat, most heat pumps water heating units use resistance elements to heat water. In this way, they act as hybrid water heaters, changing the method of heating according to the ambient temperature.

Why Would You Need a Heat Pump Water Heater?

If your water heating unit is the conventional electric water heater, you may want to replace it with a more energy efficient unit to lower your electricity consumption. Statistics show that a heat pump water heater lowers your annual power bill by as much as 300 dollars. Also, if your current electric heater is showing signs of breaking down or has become inefficient due to age, and the unit you want to replace it with should be better in terms of lowered operating costs and durability.

The Pros and Come of a Heat Pump Water Heater


  • They’re durable, being made from stainless steel
  • Incentives offered on them help bring down the purchase and installation costs
  • They lower annual electricity costs by between $250 and $ 300
  • They’re the best for areas without air conditioning like in garages
  • They have digital controls allowing you to operate them at your preferred level of efficiency


  • They contain an air filter that needs to be changed after every one or two years
  • They,at times, require plumbing to be modified due to their large size
  • The produce a lot of noise and cannot be installed near rooms that need quietness
  • When installed in the basement, they need a condensate pump

How to Choose the Best Heat Pump Water Heater

When looking to purchase a heat pump water heater, here are some of the factors to consider so you buy a unit that best suits your needs and circumstances.


The size of the heat pump water heater you buy will depend on your usage. The more the number of rooms you have in your house the larger the size of the water heater you should buy. Most of the heat pump water heating units come in 50, 66 and 80 gallon capacities.

The Available Space

Heat pump water heaters are larger than the conventional electric water heaters. They, therefore, require that you have enough space for installation and to allow for servicing.

The Efficiency Factor

The Efficiency factor, or EF of a heat pump water heater is a comparison of the water amount it heats per unit of electricity. A high Efficiency cost means lower costs in operating the heater. Choose a heat pump water heater with an efficiency factor of 2.0. It means it has a heating efficiency of 200 percent.

The Brand

You would need to buy a brand that can be serviced locally and a brand that has a high reputation. Look up what people who purchased the brand are saying about the quality of the heaters, their reviews on how reliable and durable the brand is.

A heater pump water heater is more cost efficient than an electric heater, both in installation and operating costs. It lasts longer, and is ideal for areas where ambient temperatures remain mostly moderate.

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