Buy an Ao Smith GPVR-50 Water Heater From All Week And Get It Installed At Best Rates Anywhere In New Jersey Today!

Buy an Ao Smith GPVR-50 Water Heater From All Week And Get It Installed At Best Rates Anywhere In New Jersey Today!

AO Smith GPVR-50 Residential Natural Gas Water Heater, 50 Gallons, 50000 BTU, Power Vent. New Model = SMIGPVT50, GPVT-50

A.O Smith PROMAX:water heaters are designed to help you save on the cost of energy, last you for a long time and they are also super reliable.

This brand of water heaters comes with the A O. Smith’s patented C3 Technology® design. It has four patents within the US. ProMax water heater is manufactured with a sealed combustion chamber, air intake screen and a fireproof Cordierite flame arrestor installed in the water heater base.

They are specially designed with a flammable vapor sensor which helps to shut down the blower, with Intelli-Vent gas control and also the hot surface ignitor once there’s flammable vapors.


  • Natural Gas
  • Equipped with C3 Technology®
  • Versatile Power Vent design
  • Hot surface ignition
  • CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve
  • Vents with PVC, CPVC, and ABS
  • Coregard aluminum anode
  • Extra long Dynaclean diffuser dip tube
  • Intelli-Vent Gas control
  • Green Choice® gas burner
  • Permaglas® glass tank coating
  • Meets Phase II of the ANSI Z21.10.1 standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance dealing with the accidental or unintended ignition of flammable vapors, such as those emitted by gasoline
  • 6-year limited tank & parts manufacturer warranty

Basic Specifications:

  • MPN: GPVR-50
  • Manufacturer: AO Smith
  • Is Closeout: Yes
  • Is Disconostock: Yes
  • Water Heater Type: Residential
  • Venting Type: Power Vent
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU Input: 50,000
  • BTU Input Range: 50,000 – 75,000
  • Gallons Range: 60 – 74 Gallons
  • Gallons: 50
  • Item Returns: Call for info

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AO Smith GPVR-50 Sales, Installation, Repair, Maintenance and Replacement Service NJ

All Week and A.O Smith® enjoy a flourishing partnership as All Week is an authorized dealer within the state of New Jersey. For a very long time, we’ve recommended and successfully installed numerous A.O Smith appliances including furnaces and ac’s, for residential and commercial buildings all over the state.

Our clients enjoy the output from the recommendations we’ve given, that’s why they stay loyal to the A.O Smith brand. The quality of A.O Smith also contributes to their loyalty that’s why we ensure that our partnership is maintained.

All the technicians that we work with are pre-trained to handle A.O Smith equipment and models, we also ensure that they are up-to-date with any latest trend in existing equipment or new equipment on the market.
Our store is fully stocked with different inventory of A.O Smith equipment any time you need one, we have: AC units, furnaces, coils, split units and more.

Are You Looking To Install an AO Smith GPVR-50 Water Heater For You NJ Home or Business?

Our certified and trained technicians are always ready to help you with the successful installation as well as the repair or maintenance of an older “Model” Weil McLean boiler at your home or business. Get in touch with us today for information and assistance.

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