Troubleshooting Steps For Gas Water Heater Not Providing Hot Water

When a gas water heater doesn’t provide enough hot water, try the following :

  • Turn the water heater’s thermostat dial to a hotter setting.
  • If the flame ignites, leave the dial at that setting and then check the temperature of the water an hour later, using a meat thermometer.
  • If the water heater’s burner doesn’t ignite and/or the water just keeps getting colder, check the pilot light to be sure it hasn’t gone out.
  • If it has, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to relight it.
  • You may also have to Relight the Water Heater. Relighting a water heater usually involves turning the water heater’s gas valve to OFF and then to PILOT.
  • You typically hold down a button, light the pilot, and wait until a status light signals that you can turn the dial from PILOT to ON.

If the water remains cold after trying those steps, the assistance of plumber is then necessary to resolve the problem.